New stuff, new place, new, new new!

Hello little blog, hello followers! 

Some of you follow me for the delicious food I spam on occasion. Some of you for the nails I upload now and again. Some for the arts and craft projects I seem to never quick fabricating. Some for my witty way with words (or something). There may be others among you who follow me for reasons unbeknownst to me, and that’s okay, too. 

I have a new shiny blog. This one’s not at all like this one, in that it has purpose and direction, rather than being a maudlin dodder through my mental faculties. It’s a travel blog about the fantastic Italian city of Cannobio, and I’d love if you’d take a look. It has all the great food and artistic shots, and when we get ‘er going, we’ll also be running contests. Isn’t that exciting ? 

Without further ado, I bring to you, the foreseeable future of my spam. 😉 

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A new adventure

I’m about to undertake something massive. This new internship project is above and beyond anything I’ve done before. It’s going to mix tourism, journalism, marketing and creative writing in a near-explosive fashion of blogging mayhem.

For those of you who follow me, however haphazardly I happen to post, get ready for a brand new influx (no wait, don’t press that button, noooooo where are you going?!) of posts similar to those you saw around this time last year. Destination blogging!

I’ve upgraded from home sweet home, Lugano to Cannobio in Italy. I’m super excited for this opportunity, and it’ll be starting in April. I’m hoping it’ll be an enjoyable read and an enjoyable experience for me!

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So this is apt

I’m not feeling a lot more motivated today than I was yesterday- in fact, I made a seven panel stick figure comic today for my Digital Marketing blog instead of actually, you know, doing the brain thing (though I did spend at least an hour lovingly hand-crafting all of those stick-figures with arrows and bows and so on!)

And then, because I was on my lunch break where I didn’t actually feel like eating, I started surfing around through pictures and funny things.

Wow. Yeah, that. Absolutely that.

I feel like that so often! Not that I am dealing with abundant resources, but that I am dealing with folks who have lots of things available and nary a clue how to apply them properly. It’s like watching someone take a Ming era vase and use it as a spitoon or a chamberpot. That’s all the thoughts I have for you today. Stay tuned for more masks either tonight or tomorrow, though!

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You know those days

Those days where you have an overwhelmingly large amount of things to do? And subsequently, you just don’t want to do… well, anything? I’m having one of those days. I really need to be working on a 5,000 word paper. I really need to be doing research about a transportation company in Portugal, and I really really need to be working on this bad boy here. That bad boy, by the by, is one of my other blogs I contribute to (for a grade, if you like me, you’ll go there and comment on stuff and ask questions about stuff so I can get a good grade //Shameless ploy for content.) Instead, I’m working my miniature masks off their balloony castings. I started making these last night, and by today, they’re dry enough that I can peel them off and put them on the radiator to make sure they’re baked through. Maybe by tonight these first few will be hard enough to paint over and start the “real” decorative fun. Expect a few procrastination posts in the subsequent days as I make Christmas ornaments in lieu of crying stress hysterics. 😀

Starting messIMG_2258

So there’s everything as I get started, my flour-and-water plaster is ready to go, I started out with bigger strips but ended up cutting an incomplete X into all of the bigger pieces so that there was a lot of coverage, but it didn’t leave warps and gaps. There are missing pictures of me doing this because can you imagine trying to clean flour-and-water-goo off of a phone? Yick!



So there’s the picture of the balloon before she got a face, and then there’s one last picture from last night when they were wet after they got faced-

And THEN we have this morning’s round. Isn’t he an angry looking guy? Start to squish his balloon-


And that’s all there is to it ! For now. 🙂 Expect more posts with pretty white face and prettier painting and glittering and loveliness in the future!

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Utilising the Internet for “good”

I started writing this post a long time ago, and it got lost in the space between the lines. The fact that the story is now months old doesn’t change the burst of faith in humanity I got from reading the article the first time, and it doesn’t reduce the awe-inspiring knowledge that internet forums and communities can pull together like this on a scale which can save a life.

Man who left dog on 14er faces animal cruelty charges

The long and the short of this story is this;

It all began on the 149ers forum with a post saying that a couple found a female German Shepherd at a pretty remote area of what most posters agreed was a pretty extreme mountain climb.

From this post spawned a 44 page thread with a total of 519 posts and one fantastic result; the community of pulled together and saved that dog. They contacted search and rescue, and when it became clear that no governmental help would be forthcoming, they took it upon themselves to take care of the situation. And they did.

They had a huge reply rate, numerous groups which went out with the intent of finding exactly where the dog had been abandoned and bringing her down.

This is a group of people who had, for the most part, never spoken to one another in more than passing and certainly never met. And yet, when there was a dog in need, a dog which might die without them… they, without a second thought, went on a long, snowy climb to get there and get her back. She was dehydrated and banged up, but alive.  A vet in the community volunteered their services to further help the dog.

The final post on that thread was one from the DA prosecuting the case against the owner who left the dog up there in the first place asking the community for any witnesses to contact him.

I read through the thread, and I read the related articles, and all I could think was “Wow.” All of these people, pulling together to do something so massive, such a great, huge undertaking. It’s just amazing and it’s proof of human compassion and the ability of humans to look past their personal needs for the greater good.

We need to remember that about ourselves, and keep in mind when we see something, someone online that there is a person behind that story, that post, that profile. What kind of profound impact could you have on them? What kind of impact can they have on you, if you allow it? The influence of the internet can be used for good, not just the negative cyber-bullying and hate that we hear about all the time. That makes me smile.

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A new jumper for Macchiata

Previously, I made a little dress for Macchiata from purple velvet. It wasn’t spectacularly well done, however, it met the prerequisite of “cover her arse”. Last night, I decided to start working on something a little bit cleaner, and in that spirit, I went back to a few patterns I had made when Chocolatini was a puppy. She grew super fast as a little one, and by the time I had sketched the patterns out, she’d outgrown them- it’s nice to be able to reuse them, and potentially I’ll be resizing this pattern to fit Mochaccino and Chocolatini as well- it turned out really well!

Used cream velvet and pink felt, thought that this was the best combo of warm-but-still-pretty I could manage without making her entire wardrobe nothing but lilac velvet. Here I’m stitching together the front-and back panels so that everything front and everything back is easy to sew and flip.

Doubling up on the hood so that it was lined in a clean way and looked GOOD whether she ever wore it as a hood or not.
Stitched the front and back panels together leaving just enough area for the hood to go in, and to turn the jacket inside out.

Flipped, added a line of trim on the far side to cover the seam needed to keep everything in line and keep the two fabric layers in consort. Added a tack mid-back as well, since the decal will go over that.

Hood is attached, and I did a double seam to keep it well, with a single seam at the bottom to clean up presentation.

The inside of the previous picture. Thought about making the coat reversable and decided against it, as buttons are a lot more finicky than velcro is, and not nearly as forgiving!

The coat and decal! It was a 2 dollar decal I picked up on a stock sale at Migros, iron on and away I go, was super easy to apply but I wasn’t a fan of the yellow to be honest.

Pretty good for length, could maybe be a LITTLE shorter on the tummy, but considering her thin-furred status, it’s probably better this way.

This has been crossposted between my main blog and my doggy bloggy

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Acts of impunity

Sometimes, you can get away with things. Sometimes you can’t. Carving the image of someone who can pass or fail you into a pumpkin is one of those questionable things, however, it was taken in good humour;

Spitting image, right?

These pumpkins were part of our Tourism Dinner, where we met as a group with the first year students. As an evening, it was a lot of fun and very creative, though the disappointing part is that it was very difficult to speak with more than one or two of the new students due to the seating situation, and rotation within the boat was difficult.

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